The CIA, shady shit, ISIS and the Russian Passenger Plane

The CIA and US Deep State are a bunch of assholes – whether it be CIA Director Brennan wanting absolute control outside the whims of democracy, as his hacked emails show, the CIA using black sites to extra judicially torture innocent people, or the CIA giving fake vaccines to kids, the CIA are a bunch of unaccountable assholes.

Let’s go back to the scary Underwear Bomber and the fact he was a Saudi and CIA informant, and that the non metallic bomb he wore was created by the CIA to bypass airport security as part of a “sting.” Now, we find a Russian passenger plane was taken down by “ISIS” – if you believe standard corporate US media (propaganda) outlets reporting the whispers of US intelligence community. How convenient the CIA invented bombs meant to bypass airport security and now others have ability to copy it after their failed sting?

Whether it be ISIS, that US Defense Intelligence acknowledges US policies created, or the CIA directly perpetuating terrorism, the US government and Deep State have innocent Russian blood on their hands. I can’t wait until politicians with spines call for the end to the CIA.


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