West Virginia GOP isn’t very Good, but definitely Old.

Wow, can the West Virgina Republicans (and Democrats – good job paving the way for generations, not) address issues in a more archaic and close-minded manner? Probably not, but they will continually try to do so if you look at bills floating around the legislature.

While the US fights ISIS and politicians claim that they don’t share ISIS’s values, WV Delegates like Speaker Armstead, Mr. O’Neal, Hanshaw, Moye, Fast, A. Evans, Azinger, Waxman, Romine, Rowan and R. Phillips introduced West Virgnia HB 4012, which has language that could potentially allow state employees, including police and medical personnel, to refuse doing their job based upon how they interpret their religion and how they perceive someone else. Basically, this bill allows putting people’s lives at risk so a few idiots can interject their backward societal beliefs onto others and claim “religious freedom.” Too bad Jesus doesn’t agree with this, as is made plain in the story of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37.

Secondly, as the national conversation turns to prison reform and a popular movement toward ending an archaic and failing practice known as the “War on Drugs,” WV Republicans AND Democrats have introduced HB 4240, HB 4576, and HB 4578 that increase minimum sentencing for non-violent drug offenses, including marijuana! Not only is the rest of US trending toward overall prison reform for drug offenses, many states are legalizing and decriminalizing the weed! These states are also creating more economic opportunities, government revenue, and lessening tax payer burden from housing stoners and addicts.

Lastly, just to show how backwards WV GOP is, even compared to their stated values, I show you HB 2704, or the poorly named, “West Virginian Tax Decrease Act,” that actually raises taxes on low, middle class, and small business owners not aligned with out-of-state oil & gas. For goodness sake, they want to raise taxes on people choosing to live in simple, inexpensive dwellings, or in their words, “removing reduced taxation of certain sales of mobile homes.” That isn’t very conservative or christian of them…

Both political parties have enjoyed sharing power for too long and have run out of ideas, as demonstrated by above bills and their recent decision to declare English West Virginia’s official language – as if we didn’t know.

It’s time for a decentralization of energy, food and water by downsizing archaic federal and state bureaucracies – a true small and progressive government. It’s time to embrace locally grown and owned hemp as an alternative to older dying industries. It’s time to end the costly imprisonment of nonviolent drug users and implement local community based rehab programs. It’s time for real progress and change from a local level that creates an egalitarian society we can all embrace, regardless of race, religion or economic status.



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