The Obama Records: Corporate Collusion

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought we could quickly look at some Obama policies that liberals have ignored and conservatives haven’t embraced. Specifically, Obama’s record arms exports as means to prop up economy (FDR would be proud) and how his record deportations are fueling profits for private prison industry.

First, as everyone calls Trump a fascist while ignoring US’s blatantly fascist history, Obama has been behaving in a Trumpian manner by deporting a record amount of immigrants while private companies profit in the tens of millions of dollars. You’d think liberals would be pissed at the mis-allocation of resources and conservatives would trumpet (no pun intended, maybe) as enforcing the law. Not to mention, Obama’s joke of a virtual wall being virtually ignored by liberal narrative drivers.

Second, the collusion between USG and military industrial complex has reached new fascist-y heights. Obama has approved $169billion in arms sales in his first 5 years – which beats out W. Bush’s full 8 years in office by $30billion. Obviously, Obama will claim this is to advance our fight against terrorism, but we’ve seen these weapons used to destabilize sovereign nations and even end up in the hands of al-Qaeda and ISIS.

And let’s face it, over-saturation of weapons into society benefits very few people. Those few people it does benefit are the ones who make the weapons, like Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed types. The scary part, aside from weapons themselves, is fact this exportation of arms is part of neoliberal (or just liberal) paradigm of using militarization as means to artificially prop up economy and create jobs.

How confident are you in the liberal and conservative shared vision of a corporate economy if they perpetually have to collude with these corporations and banks to keep it from crashing? Decentralize everything…





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