Anonymous Official: More Concerned With Clicks Than Solutions

It’s election season and everyone thinks they have a clue.

Trump and Clinton are boring, so let’s look at a common generic focus among dissenting types, Anonymous. Before we start, you should watch the most recent Anonymous Official video filled with generic rhetoric, calls for violence against the United Stated government and fear-mongering while offering zero empowering solutions as to help a revolution succeed – but hey, they include JFK rhetoric at the end ’cause that’ll save you.

Some Anons do good work like when releasing important info to public that corporations and government attempt to keep from citizens. But when it comes to directing a larger narrative Anonymous tends to revert to archaic perspectives without offering tangible solutions to problems. For example, in the linked video, “Anonymous Official” invokes the Declaration of Independence and a vague JFK clip, while falsely claiming USG is coming for your guns (and that government healthcare is the devil) as reasoning to start a revolution. This is about as generic and un-compelling to the citizenry as you could get, but isn’t necessarily my problem with message. All kinds of people call for some generic revolution defined by their limited perspective without really thinking it through. The problem is when people or Anons make some fantastical call to revolution, without first educating and/or securing the necessary resources and infrastructure, they’re setting up the “revolution” to fail. The corporate controlled USG has control of communications, utilities and the largest, most sophisticated military and police force in Earth’s history. As of this moment, there is virtually zero percent this would succeed, and most likely would only lead to a further degradation of our Rights. Is that Anonymous Official’s goal?

But I’m not going to go into how decentralization of resources/utilities and revolution coincide, and that violence isn’t necessary – I’ve been working on a larger piece for that. I’m going to question if Anonymous Official and some other Anons are even thinking about others’ well being, and at worst (conspiracy time) are they themselves actually part of a CIA driven campaign to distract and control willing dissenters in order to further the USG’s totalitarian goals. The USG and FBI routinely entrap uneducated, frustrated dissenters and urge them to engage in “terrorist” activities, so to spread public fear and further the limiting of our fundamental Rights. If clandestine operatives can keep dissenting youth chasing generic and baseless violent “solutions,” while focusing on non-issues, as Alex Jones and some Anons do, then USG/elites don’t have to worry about an actual tangible challenge to status quo.

I’m probably going too far in claiming Anonymous Official is a CIA op –  so let’s move on.  Now we have to ask, why would “Anonymous” put corporate Google Ads in their videos as they bash the corporate controlled USG? Money. They know they’ll get clicks from dedicated and uneducated Anon followers and Alex Jones RW types if they talk about guns and overthrowing USG. It’s click bait. So, in reality this is just another joker parading around as some internet diviner of justice who uses current issues to sucker dissenters into clicking/perpetuating the common ignorance (status quo) that prevails in America.

We all should be tired of this delusional rhetoric from some Anon and Alex Jones types. They offer no solutions, or the solutions they do try to offer are limited to mass, unorganized violence or a reverting to 1800s nonsense without the least bit of actual thought.

We should be focused on empowering everyone at a local level in as a direct democratic way as possible. Decentralizing control of drinking water, energy and food production with revenue from elimination of archaic centralized government bureaucracies is the most direct and expedient way of dealing with poverty and a decaying infrastructure. This can be done without mass violence. I’ll address empowerment through decentralization in-depth this winter.

We don’t need to topple anything, but build a new paradigm from the bottom up that phases out the old.


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