Warren Buffett, Big Energy & USG Militarism; the New (Old) Norm

Warren Buffett is profiting while USG agencies, on all levels, protect his elitist agenda by using militarized responses to further oppress dissenters. He not only has a stake in the oil that will be flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), but he also owns a huge share in Phillips 66 – who have a giant DAPL contract for pipeline lubricants, among other things. Recently, Democratic Presidential lock, Hillary Clinton released a statement calling the DAPL a “federal infrastructures project,” while most US rural and urban minority infrastructures are actually  failing. The White House paid lip service to protestor pleas, only to pass the buck to another undemocratic agency (USACE) that in turn just reaffirmed the DAPL project.

Basically, US infrastructure projects are primarily designed to benefit an increasingly smaller and smaller elite class. Not only is Buffett in the oil business, he is also in the squashing of individual solar, community solar and any competition that moves into the Nevada/western region solar business. He even has help from militarized government agents there as well:

Remember when armed federal agents went after the right wing Bundy rancher for noncriminal fines? Both Bundy and Bureau of Land Management acted deplorable in my opinion, but the little/wrongly discussed issue behind BLM’s move to clear Bundy’s cattle from Gold Butte area has been part of a larger plan to incorporate Warren Buffett’s centralized solar monopoly. The Gold Butte area is being used by BLM (sec 2.8) to mitigate the environmental impact of the Buffett’s industrial solar project’s effect on some wildlife and plants. Environmental opponents of Buffett’s solar project in desert argue that roof-top solar and vacant lot/community solar is more environmentally friendly, but Buffett lobbied against those plans – plans that would actually empower individuals and communities of Nevada while protecting the environment in a more appropriate fashion.

Is Buffett personally asking for government agents to advance his agenda violently? Probably not, but then again, the use of US tax funded, anti-democratic and militarized bureaucracies to advance the elite classes’ business interests, domestically and abroad, is nothing new (see US history 101). #NoDAPL protestors under a no-fly zone have been strip searched, shot off horses (and horses shot) with “less than lethal” ammo, subject to militarized sound weapons, and journalists have been arrested; this all in hopes to advance an agenda that in the long terms benefits a few, while putting a population of underrepresented indigenous people at risk.

Elitism is real. The USG is playing favorites and using tax payer funded, militarized agencies to do the bidding of the elite class. This is an unacceptable use of power by all levels of government against anyone, whether right-wing rednecks, African Americans, hipster protestors and especially Native Americans.

The time for libertarians, socialists and everyone in between to embrace a common movement is now. We need to collectively move toward direct democratic/localized control over vital resources with funding from the elimination of antiquated and militarized state and federal government agencies.


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