Warren Buffett, Big Energy & USG Militarism; the New (Old) Norm

Warren Buffett is profiting while USG agencies, on all levels, protect his elitist agenda by using militarized responses to further oppress dissenters. He not only has a stake in the oil that will be flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), but he also owns a huge share in Phillips 66 – who have a giant DAPL contract for pipeline lubricants, among other things. Recently, Democratic Presidential lock, Hillary Clinton released a statement calling the DAPL a “federal infrastructures project,” while most US rural and urban minority infrastructures are actually  failing. The White House paid lip service to protestor pleas, only to pass the buck to another undemocratic agency (USACE) that in turn just reaffirmed the DAPL project.

Basically, US infrastructure projects are primarily designed to benefit an increasingly smaller and smaller elite class. Not only is Buffett in the oil business, he is also in the squashing of individual solar, community solar and any competition that moves into the Nevada/western region solar business. He even has help from militarized government agents there as well:

Remember when armed federal agents went after the right wing Bundy rancher for noncriminal fines? Both Bundy and Bureau of Land Management acted deplorable in my opinion, but the little/wrongly discussed issue behind BLM’s move to clear Bundy’s cattle from Gold Butte area has been part of a larger plan to incorporate Warren Buffett’s centralized solar monopoly. The Gold Butte area is being used by BLM (sec 2.8) to mitigate the environmental impact of the Buffett’s industrial solar project’s effect on some wildlife and plants. Environmental opponents of Buffett’s solar project in desert argue that roof-top solar and vacant lot/community solar is more environmentally friendly, but Buffett lobbied against those plans – plans that would actually empower individuals and communities of Nevada while protecting the environment in a more appropriate fashion.

Is Buffett personally asking for government agents to advance his agenda violently? Probably not, but then again, the use of US tax funded, anti-democratic and militarized bureaucracies to advance the elite classes’ business interests, domestically and abroad, is nothing new (see US history 101). #NoDAPL protestors under a no-fly zone have been strip searched, shot off horses (and horses shot) with “less than lethal” ammo, subject to militarized sound weapons, and journalists have been arrested; this all in hopes to advance an agenda that in the long terms benefits a few, while putting a population of underrepresented indigenous people at risk.

Elitism is real. The USG is playing favorites and using tax payer funded, militarized agencies to do the bidding of the elite class. This is an unacceptable use of power by all levels of government against anyone, whether right-wing rednecks, African Americans, hipster protestors and especially Native Americans.

The time for libertarians, socialists and everyone in between to embrace a common movement is now. We need to collectively move toward direct democratic/localized control over vital resources with funding from the elimination of antiquated and militarized state and federal government agencies.

Anonymous Official: More Concerned With Clicks Than Solutions

It’s election season and everyone thinks they have a clue.

Trump and Clinton are boring, so let’s look at a common generic focus among dissenting types, Anonymous. Before we start, you should watch the most recent Anonymous Official video filled with generic rhetoric, calls for violence against the United Stated government and fear-mongering while offering zero empowering solutions as to help a revolution succeed – but hey, they include JFK rhetoric at the end ’cause that’ll save you.

Some Anons do good work like when releasing important info to public that corporations and government attempt to keep from citizens. But when it comes to directing a larger narrative Anonymous tends to revert to archaic perspectives without offering tangible solutions to problems. For example, in the linked video, “Anonymous Official” invokes the Declaration of Independence and a vague JFK clip, while falsely claiming USG is coming for your guns (and that government healthcare is the devil) as reasoning to start a revolution. This is about as generic and un-compelling to the citizenry as you could get, but isn’t necessarily my problem with message. All kinds of people call for some generic revolution defined by their limited perspective without really thinking it through. The problem is when people or Anons make some fantastical call to revolution, without first educating and/or securing the necessary resources and infrastructure, they’re setting up the “revolution” to fail. The corporate controlled USG has control of communications, utilities and the largest, most sophisticated military and police force in Earth’s history. As of this moment, there is virtually zero percent this would succeed, and most likely would only lead to a further degradation of our Rights. Is that Anonymous Official’s goal?

But I’m not going to go into how decentralization of resources/utilities and revolution coincide, and that violence isn’t necessary – I’ve been working on a larger piece for that. I’m going to question if Anonymous Official and some other Anons are even thinking about others’ well being, and at worst (conspiracy time) are they themselves actually part of a CIA driven campaign to distract and control willing dissenters in order to further the USG’s totalitarian goals. The USG and FBI routinely entrap uneducated, frustrated dissenters and urge them to engage in “terrorist” activities, so to spread public fear and further the limiting of our fundamental Rights. If clandestine operatives can keep dissenting youth chasing generic and baseless violent “solutions,” while focusing on non-issues, as Alex Jones and some Anons do, then USG/elites don’t have to worry about an actual tangible challenge to status quo.

I’m probably going too far in claiming Anonymous Official is a CIA op –  so let’s move on.  Now we have to ask, why would “Anonymous” put corporate Google Ads in their videos as they bash the corporate controlled USG? Money. They know they’ll get clicks from dedicated and uneducated Anon followers and Alex Jones RW types if they talk about guns and overthrowing USG. It’s click bait. So, in reality this is just another joker parading around as some internet diviner of justice who uses current issues to sucker dissenters into clicking/perpetuating the common ignorance (status quo) that prevails in America.

We all should be tired of this delusional rhetoric from some Anon and Alex Jones types. They offer no solutions, or the solutions they do try to offer are limited to mass, unorganized violence or a reverting to 1800s nonsense without the least bit of actual thought.

We should be focused on empowering everyone at a local level in as a direct democratic way as possible. Decentralizing control of drinking water, energy and food production with revenue from elimination of archaic centralized government bureaucracies is the most direct and expedient way of dealing with poverty and a decaying infrastructure. This can be done without mass violence. I’ll address empowerment through decentralization in-depth this winter.

We don’t need to topple anything, but build a new paradigm from the bottom up that phases out the old.

The Obama Records: Corporate Collusion

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought we could quickly look at some Obama policies that liberals have ignored and conservatives haven’t embraced. Specifically, Obama’s record arms exports as means to prop up economy (FDR would be proud) and how his record deportations are fueling profits for private prison industry.

First, as everyone calls Trump a fascist while ignoring US’s blatantly fascist history, Obama has been behaving in a Trumpian manner by deporting a record amount of immigrants while private companies profit in the tens of millions of dollars. You’d think liberals would be pissed at the mis-allocation of resources and conservatives would trumpet (no pun intended, maybe) as enforcing the law. Not to mention, Obama’s joke of a virtual wall being virtually ignored by liberal narrative drivers.

Second, the collusion between USG and military industrial complex has reached new fascist-y heights. Obama has approved $169billion in arms sales in his first 5 years – which beats out W. Bush’s full 8 years in office by $30billion. Obviously, Obama will claim this is to advance our fight against terrorism, but we’ve seen these weapons used to destabilize sovereign nations and even end up in the hands of al-Qaeda and ISIS.

And let’s face it, over-saturation of weapons into society benefits very few people. Those few people it does benefit are the ones who make the weapons, like Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed types. The scary part, aside from weapons themselves, is fact this exportation of arms is part of neoliberal (or just liberal) paradigm of using militarization as means to artificially prop up economy and create jobs.

How confident are you in the liberal and conservative shared vision of a corporate economy if they perpetually have to collude with these corporations and banks to keep it from crashing? Decentralize everything…




West Virginia GOP isn’t very Good, but definitely Old.

Wow, can the West Virgina Republicans (and Democrats – good job paving the way for generations, not) address issues in a more archaic and close-minded manner? Probably not, but they will continually try to do so if you look at bills floating around the legislature.

While the US fights ISIS and politicians claim that they don’t share ISIS’s values, WV Delegates like Speaker Armstead, Mr. O’Neal, Hanshaw, Moye, Fast, A. Evans, Azinger, Waxman, Romine, Rowan and R. Phillips introduced West Virgnia HB 4012, which has language that could potentially allow state employees, including police and medical personnel, to refuse doing their job based upon how they interpret their religion and how they perceive someone else. Basically, this bill allows putting people’s lives at risk so a few idiots can interject their backward societal beliefs onto others and claim “religious freedom.” Too bad Jesus doesn’t agree with this, as is made plain in the story of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37.

Secondly, as the national conversation turns to prison reform and a popular movement toward ending an archaic and failing practice known as the “War on Drugs,” WV Republicans AND Democrats have introduced HB 4240, HB 4576, and HB 4578 that increase minimum sentencing for non-violent drug offenses, including marijuana! Not only is the rest of US trending toward overall prison reform for drug offenses, many states are legalizing and decriminalizing the weed! These states are also creating more economic opportunities, government revenue, and lessening tax payer burden from housing stoners and addicts.

Lastly, just to show how backwards WV GOP is, even compared to their stated values, I show you HB 2704, or the poorly named, “West Virginian Tax Decrease Act,” that actually raises taxes on low, middle class, and small business owners not aligned with out-of-state oil & gas. For goodness sake, they want to raise taxes on people choosing to live in simple, inexpensive dwellings, or in their words, “removing reduced taxation of certain sales of mobile homes.” That isn’t very conservative or christian of them…

Both political parties have enjoyed sharing power for too long and have run out of ideas, as demonstrated by above bills and their recent decision to declare English West Virginia’s official language – as if we didn’t know.

It’s time for a decentralization of energy, food and water by downsizing archaic federal and state bureaucracies – a true small and progressive government. It’s time to embrace locally grown and owned hemp as an alternative to older dying industries. It’s time to end the costly imprisonment of nonviolent drug users and implement local community based rehab programs. It’s time for real progress and change from a local level that creates an egalitarian society we can all embrace, regardless of race, religion or economic status.


Empowerment: Decentraliztion of Water – Cooperate

The oldest known cure for a hangover, required to grow and raise food,  and used to maintain our human bodies both internally and externally – the most important and underrated resource, water.

Large scale chemical industries, foreign corporations, and governments have focused less on water as a necessity and more of a commodity to be used for profit and/or power. This results in the resource being tainted, sold and legislated by big business and its enabler, the government. This paradigm of dis- empowering localities and natives for sake of “progress” has devastating effects ranging from poisoning like in Flint, Michigan and Charleston, West Virginia to scarcity and pollution problems in the southwest United Sates.

Examples of water problems resulting from archaic centralized systems:

Flint, Michigan, a municipally owned water (public) utility, is the latest large scale disaster in which the Governor, under emergency powers, not citizens, decided that switching its water intake from Detroit’s system to the Flint river was a more cost effective and wise decision. Pipe corrosion and lead poising resulted from the “emergency” decision. Some have recently pointed out that the decision was not more cost effective and other motivations may be involved. Another issue was that EPA and Michigan’s DEQ knew about lead poisoning problem. Eventually the problem became so apparent that corporate media realized they could profit on it, thus reporting on issue and forcing Snyder’s hand. Obama even had a short scripted remark. Children will suffer the most from irreversible mental defects, and let’s not forget leads correlation throughout history with violence – all because of our adherence to archaic models of handling resources.

Charleston, West Virginia, a corporate owned water (private) utility, suffered from an upstream chemical spill from a poorly ran company called Freedom Industries. This resulted in many differing cases of adverse external and internal reactions by those using the water. American Water Corporation, the owner of Charleston’s water distribution, was slow to react to crisis and engaged in shady behavior when fixing filters or addressing ability to deal with future emergencies. Not to mention a neglected infrastructure that will take 400 years to replace on current pace. Aside from crisis, the WVPSC, tasked with overseeing rates and infrastructure expenditures, is largely occupied by attorneys who represented same corporate utilities and approve rate hikes without any improvements to infrastructure or emergency preparedness. Calls are still ongoing, well after the crisis, for WVPSC to investigate the numerous issues surrounding American Water’s poor handling of crisis.

The southwest US is a a different breed of water crisis. Historical impacts such as dam building, irrigating of desert and high altitudes to grow costly crops, selling of limited water supplies to foreign entities and Los Angeles (I shouldn’t have to say much more on  LA, they put shade balls in the water reservoir to protect it’s imported water from evaporation) are creating an almost irreversible drought epidemic – that isn’t even factoring role pollution from fracking & pharmaceutical runoff or climate change play into decreasing an already limited water supply (I suggest reading Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner to see impact of centralized “progress.”)

On top of the impact of past policies in the US, we have collusion between multi-national corporations and federal government allowing Nestle (world’s largest water bottler) to bottle water, during a drought, with a decades old expired permit. Or incidents like when Native Americans are told water is safe after an EPA Colorado mine cleanup only to find heavy metals still flowing into river and threatening their downstream crops.

Finally, a newer trend in relation to how scarce water has become worldwide, is that of foreign nations purchasing irrigable desert land to grow feed for their cattle and drastically lowering already low desert aquifers.  This directly ignores historical cases of potential destruction of important ecosystems that can’t be undone and possibly displacing and devastating local human population as well.

Empowering solution:

These all demonstrate the need for new solutions, and an evolution in how humans maintain their local resources. A model outside the whims of governmental bureaucracies or the profit margin of a corporation, in which the individual and community are empowered… A cooperative and decentralized model in which the citizen/customer is also the owner of the utility.

Kostas Nikolaou’s sourced overview from the Alternative World Water Forum, shows that thousands of water cooperatives from small rural communities to highly populated urban areas are currently operating in a successful manner all over the world. These cooperatives are a more reliable, safer and more directly democratic in nature – one person, one vote directly related to your local resource and its distribution.

Additionally, a US funded study by University of Wisconsin’s Center for Cooperatives found that water cooperatives (in addition to other types of utility cooperatives) are economically beneficial. According to UWCC’s data from 923 water cooperatives, they “account for >$2.2B in assets, $1.7B in sales revenue, and pay $4.7M in wages. There are approximately 2 million memberships and 40,000 employees. As Table 4-5.3 shows, by extrapolating to the entire population (3,352 firms) and adding indirect and induced impacts to this activity, water cooperatives account for close to $2.6B in revenue, 11,000 jobs, $408M in wages paid, and nearly $500M in valued-added income.”  So, the notion that only government or a corporation has economic wherewithal to handle a utility is not absolute.

We as citizens, consumers and humans attempting to live in harmony deserve real progress, not progress handed down from corporations and far off bureaucrats sucking resources into an unaccountable centralized model. Cooperating, as opposed to the archaic private and municipally owned models, is that progress that all individuals and communities deserve and should strive for. Decentralize everything.




Empowerment: Government and Learned Behavior

As the US media profits from acts of violence, both on individual and governmental level, and as the intellectual and elite classes attempt to justify using government to dis-empower “other” groups of citizens who overwhelmingly have not committed any immoral or criminal acts, US citizens are being mislead into what is the best course of action for addressing societal (governmental) violence. The loudest opinion is that further regulating guns, a highly divisive policy that could spurn more outrage/violence, is the solution to our problem of violence in America. Not to mention an action that will only further an already negative trend relating to the end of citizens’ rights.

What popular conversations on societal violence ignore is that violence has been proven to be a learned behavior (additional study here), and that we need to begin by addressing the societal teacher of violence, the United States Government (USG).

USG’s perpetual usage of violence-as-a-solution for generations has had a negative and long lasting effect on US society’s behavior and in order to address the root of the problem we must first begin with focusing on the USG’s policies and actions that teach and demonstrate violence as acceptable.

The USG, as a centralized authoritarian structure has, arguably, the most stringent controls and influence over society in all the world. From birth the USG and corporate media partners will tell you what and how to learn through public education, entertainment, and news. With that said, violence both active and passive in the United States is glorified by both government and corporate media on subjects ranging from military, federal agencies’ “War on _____ ,” role of armed police in citizens lives, and even how government punishes citizenry for non-violent victim-less behavior.

The USG, regardless of ruling party, has spent billions on recruiting children into a extremely violent military through ROTC, video games and advertising at sporting events – all in attempts teach that violent militaristic behavior is normal or acceptable. The USG even colludes with Hollywood to promote “heroic” violent behavior as normal. Never mind that the wars and engagements the USG are involved in are heavily focused on propping up multi-national corporate business interests. Or the fact that while politicians call for gun-control they give arms to Middle East and North African dictatorships and extremists at a record rate. Again, violence is a learned behavior taught by ruling entities.

Domestically (which is involving the military more often), the USG allows for armed government agents, aka police, to detain citizens for jaywalking or not wearing a safety belt while driving. Worse, armed police officers under authority of government are allowed to arrest with force and imprison people engaged in non-violent victim-less behavior under the guise of a “War on Drugs” or other nonsense. These declarations of war/violence on the citizenry further perpetuates/teaches idea to society as a whole that violence as a solution to non-violent behaviors is acceptable. Again, violence is a learned behavior and the same system that taught your grand parents, parents, you and your kids how to function “normally” in society is still in place.

We could even examine historically how schools taught white imperialist/colonialist violent behaviors against Native Americans as being normal, or how until recently most people functioned daily without acknowledging that government is allowing (by way of arming and not federally prosecuting) the extrajudicial killings of African Americans by police and “vigilantes.” Again, violence is learned and violence is taught by government and justified by laws that dis-empower the citizenry.

Violence, once understood as a learned behavior needs to be addressed from an empowering perspective, not rooted in policies enforced by the hyper violent USG. We need solutions focused on forcing the USG into enacting peaceful foreign and domestic policies. We need to reaffirm the Rights of all citizens and humans, regardless of where they are or their social status. We also need to address empowering individuals and communities by eliminating violent government agencies, and using their budgets to decentralize energy needs, food needs and water needs across the United States.

There are probably many empowering alternatives that don’t require more USG revenue, new taxes, or policies geared at “different” thinking cultures or social groups, and we should be discussing them. What we need is a refocusing on governmental violent teachings, behaviors and what the responsibility of government actually is in society.

Empowerment: An Introduction

Throughout modern history humans have allowed an individual or small group of individuals to determine what the idea of progress is. Whether in the form of religion, state or economics, humans have allowed and empowered institutions with no connections to community or individual (aside from laws, regulations and manipulated commerce) to dis-empower the community and individual for another group of actors’ greater good.

This blog is meant to offer a political perspective based around empowerment of community and individual that goes beyond the basic binary approach to politics (left v right/Democrat v Republican) that dominates our US and even international politics and society. In future releases this blog will focus on popular topics and policies and how empowerment applies or could be applied. For now, we will look at how I view empowerment of individual and community in a broader sense with a basic traffic policy examination to show real world application of empowerment/dis-empowerment.

Julian Rappaport, credited with the modern psychological view of “empowerment” says in the American Journal of Community Psychology (Vol. 15, no. 2, 1987) that empowerment is “a pervasive positive value in American culture. The concept suggests both individual determination of one’s own life and democratic participation in the life of one’s community, often through mediating structures such as schools, neighborhoods, churches, and other voluntary organizations. Empowerment conveys both a psychological sense of personal control or influence and a concern with actual social influence, political power, and legal rights. It is a multilevel construct applicable to individual citizens as well as to organizations and neighborhoods…” Rappaport goes on to point out that empowerment varies from individual to individual and community to community, but that this helps us solve problems at a more manageable level and efficient manner instead of through a “monolithic ‘helping’ structure.”

The current model of US governance requires dis-empowerment of self and community by voting for a small centralized group of actors that in turn give your power to foreign actors, corporate actors, and bureaucratic institutions through various military, trade and regulatory policies. Most of the institutions, private and public, are unaccountable to and unrepresentative of the majority of citizens (see any approval rating of congress or USG in general). And as Martin Gilens and Benjamine Page empirically demonstrate in “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interests Groups and Average Citizens,” even before the Citizens United v FEC ruling, the US government rarely enacts policies that are campaigned upon or empowering to the average citizen, much less so to the poor and minority classes.

Also, US societal attitudes, even when dominated by elitist class controls of information flow, routinely change and adapt long before ruling religious and state institutions’ policies and laws. Societal issues become highly politicized, lumped with other unrelated issues and debated in a cyclical manner that detracts/distracts from other seemingly more important issues (rights, liberties, food security, water security and energy security). Thus, modern systems are further dis-empowering to individual and community based on inefficiency alone.

A modern example of dis-empowerment of individual and community could be something as basic as victim-less non violent primary offense traffic laws, in other words, when an armed government agent has legal authority to stop and issue a monetary fine (or worse) for nothing other than an individual deciding to not wear a safety belt, or not fully stopping at stop sign. The majority of citizens didn’t vote for (empower) a member of ruling class to create more laws allowing for average citizen to be stopped and fined on a daily basis by armed government agents for victim-less non violent behaviors. And the politician when running for office probably didn’t campaign on that basis either. The problem with these primary offense laws based on victim-less non violent action is fact that government agents are far more likely to stop the poor class or minorities, as almost all studies both government and non government show. Not to mention an epidemic of armed government agents, depending on source, killing 1-3 US citizens every day – higher than all other developed nations. Examples of this abuse of power include Lavar Jones of South Carolina, who was pulled over because of a primary offense seat belt law – he survived being shot in the hip while gathering his auto registration documents. Others, who were confronted by armed government agents for victim-less non violent traffic related infractions, like Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Rexdale W. Henry, and Deven Guilford were killed or subsequently died in government custody.

In a world made up of individuals and communities first, these dis-empowering traffic laws and regulations shouldn’t exist. We have technology, like seat belt sensors and smart cars, that make driving safer than ever. Not to mention our ability to educate on a multitude of media platforms, and the drivers licensing process should make informing populace on traffic safety easier as well. These progressive technologies and ability to communicate should allow for individual and community to remain empowered in daily lives by limiting unnecessary interaction between citizen and armed government agents, and also lessening burden of monetary fines in an age of growing inequality and shrinking middle class.

Empowerment, regardless of your personal beliefs, means focusing on you and those around you that you directly affect in your daily life. It means not giving away your power as a human to archaic violent institutions until you’ve exhausted all other options, and addressed the still remaining dis-empowering issues. Empowerment means focusing on individual and community policies, which can be achieved faster and more efficiently locally, as opposed to waiting for a “monolithic” and archaic imperialist institution to enact societal policy preferences that invariably are beneficial and favoring in some way to ruling and elitist class.

We will further examine the concept of empowerment and its application in various forms – sometimes based around governmental policies and other times based on current events.

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